Pacific Loan Company
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The Gang

If you look above, you'll see the front of our shop. Lots of goodies in the window, just waiting for someone to take them home. On the left are trays of rings, watches, chains, bracelets, and guitars. On the right are cameras, lenses, radios, binoculars, video games, a laptop or two, and many other fine items.

That's me, Michael, the narrator for your tour of Pacific Loan. I am also the owner. I took over running the business in 1990 when my Dad retired. 



To the right is John, my right hand man. John is a loan officer and is responsible for most of the record keeping. Every record of every loan, every sale, every purchase, has to be accurately recorded into our computer network system and backed up every day, as well as a written record that has to be maintained for each transaction. John has served Pacific Loan for 25 years and is an expert appraiser. 




My dad started Pacific Loan in 1952 at the corner of Third and Mission. At that time, his shop was one of only four pawn shops in San Francisco. In 1988, we moved our shop to it's present location, 55 Sixth Street, in the heart of the city.  Now I run it with John and my youngest son Barry, seen to the left.